SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu

Visco-elastic acoustic membrane
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  ISOVER SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu is a sound protection membrane which, combined with U SeaProtect Constructions, provides turnkey solutions achieving very high sound reduction performance levels (up to 53-54 dB). 
 This new solution is particularly adapted to increase sound protection in the medium-low frequency range for specific areas on board of a ship such as engine or machinery rooms, discos, theatres, cinemas.

Caractéristiques techniques

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared values   Surface material with Low Fllame Spread properties StandardIMO-Resolution MSC.61(67)- (FTPCode), IMO MSC/Circ. 1120
Application field Quantities and declared values   Visco-elatic acoustic membrane for noise control specially designed for Marine & Offshore Standard-
Material Quantities and declared values   Polymer based visco-elastic membrane with  Aluminiumf foil.     
Thickness Unitmm Quantities and declared values1.5
Gramweight Unit[kg/m2] Quantities and declared values3 StandardISO 1183
Storage conditions Unit- Quantities and declared values   12 months at 20 ⁰C Standard-
Prefaced on ULTIMATE SeaProtect products 
Customized dimensions on demand


SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu
SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu
SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu