SeaProtect Tape Alu

Self-adhesive alu tape
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The tape has been designed with outstanding adhesion strength and complies to IMO fire protection regulations as certified according to FTP code 2010. Joints and connections can be easily and fast sealed giving a high aesthetic finish, especially if alu-faced insulation remains uncovered. The tape is self-adhesive and can be teared manually, which means no cutting tools are needed to ease the work at the jobsite.

Caractéristiques techniques

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Dangerous substances Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesFree of isocyanate, PVC, heavy metals and halogens Standard-
Reaction to fire Quantities and declared valuesIMO Low flame spread according to FTP Code 2010 (Marine Equipment Directive 96/98 EC) StandardIMO FTP Code 2010
Tensile strength UnitN/25 mm Quantities and declared values40 StandardASTM D3759
Application field Unit- Quantities and declared valuesFor sealing of joints between Isover Alu faced mineral wool products and sealing of joints between Alu facings and metal  Acts as a barrier against water and water vapour, provides safe protection against moisture penetration Standard-
Tape thickness excluding release liner Unitmm Quantities and declared values0.06 + / - 10 %
Adhesion to steel peeling UnitN/25 mm Quantities and declared values15 StandardASTM D3330
Elongation at break warp Unit% Quantities and declared values3.0 StandardASTM D3759
Storage conditions Unit- Quantities and declared valuesRoom temperature (~20 °C/50 % relative humidity) Should be protected from humidity and not exposed to UV or heat source Standard-
Adhesive Quantities and declared valuesAcrylic glue, Paper backing liner
Carrier material Quantities and declared valuesAluminium foil, thickness 26 microns
Instructions for use Quantities and declared valuesFor any special use considered, suitability must be checked with shipyard and/or respectively class surveyor, by doing if required application tests onboard For good installation, as for all pressure-sensitive tapes, it is sufficient to apply the correct contact pressure on the SeaProtect Tape Alu to bond it on top of Alu faced mineral wool products Surface must be dry, free of dust and grease
Operation temperature range Quantities and declared values-40 °C – +80 °C
Water vapour permeability Unitg/m² x 24 h Quantities and declared values< 1.0 StandardAFERA 4002
Water vapour diffusion equivalent Sd Unitm Quantities and declared values> 1500 StandardDIN 52615
Miscellaneous Unit- Quantities and declared valuesFor ageing tests carried out by ISOVER to ensure that strong bonding properties still occur after 90 days, at 65 °C / 80 % relative humidity Standard-
Processing temperature Unit[°C] Quantities and declared values-5 °C – +40 °C


SeaProtect Tape Alu
SeaProtect Tape Alu
SeaProtect Tape Alu
SeaProtect Tape Alu
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