Black glass cloth G120

Facings for U SeaProtect insulation products
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E-glass filament fabric, black coloured.

Technische Eigenschappen

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesLow Frame Spread according to IMO Certificate Nr.: 118.168 StandardIMO-Resolution MSC.61(67)- (FTPCode),IMO MSC/Circ. 1120
Application field Quantities and declared valuesFacing of mineral wool products Standard-
Material Quantities and declared valuesE-glass fi laments woven fabric, black coloured, low flame spread surface material, consistent structure, non-slipping filaments, fibers with a diameter of 3 μm can not be contained
Texture weave Quantities and declared valuesLinen StandardDIN 61101/1+2
Gramweight Unit[g/m2] Quantities and declared values127 ± 5 % StandardDIN EN 12127 ISO 3374
Thickness d [mm] text Unit[μm] Quantities and declared values130 ± 1 mm StandardDIN 53370
Tensile strength warp Unit[N/50 mm] Quantities and declared values≥ 850 StandardISO 4606
Tensile strength weft Quantities and declared values≥ 1700
Elongation at break warp Unit- Quantities and declared values< 3.5 %
Elongation at break weft Quantities and declared values≤ 4.0 %
Ignition loss Quantities and declared values≤ 6 % StandardDIN ISO 1887
* Dimensions on request, products with minimum order quantities are requested.


Black glass cloth G120
Black glass cloth G120
Black glass cloth G120
Black glass cloth G120
Black glass cloth G120
Black glass cloth G120