U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1

Wired Mats Aluminium faced – density 36 kg/m³
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ULTIMATE mineral wool provides a unique high-performance profile:
It combines safety, comfort and ease of handling.

Technische Eigenschappen

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Specific thermal capacity Symbolc UnitkJ/(kg·K) Quantities and declared values1.03 StandardISO 10456
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesMelting point according to DIN 4102, part 17: ≥ 1000 °C Non combustible according to IMO-Resolution Homologated for shipbuilding according to EC Type Examination Certificates Nr.: MED-B+D Certificate = visit our website StandardDIN 4102-17 IMO-Resolution MSC.307(88)-(FTP-Code 2010)
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesSulphide free Standard-
Application field Quantities and declared valuesThermal insulation. acoustic insulation and fire protection constructions in shipbuilding.
Material Quantities and declared valuesMineral wool with quality mark RAL by the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V.. unrisky regarding health according to German decree on dangerous substances. decree on prohibition of chemicals and to Regulation (EC) N°1272/2008
Facing Quantities and declared valuesU SeaProtect Wired Mats 36 – 86 Alu1 are one-sided faced with a reinforced alu foil U SeaProtect Wired Mats are stitched on one side using galvanized wire on a galvanized wire mesh
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor Symbolμ Quantities and declared values~ 1.0 StandardEN 10456
Quality management Symbol- Quantities and declared valuesISOVER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 StandardEN ISO 9001 EN ISO 14001 EN ISO 50001

Themische Geleidbaarheid

Characteristic Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
CharacteristicThermal conductivity SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared values10 Quantities and declared values_50 Quantities and declared values__100 Quantities and declared values___150 Quantities and declared values____200 Quantities and declared values_____300 Quantities and declared values______400 Quantities and declared values_______- StandardEN 12667
SymbolλN.P Unit[W/(m·K)] Quantities and declared values0.032 Quantities and declared values_0.037 Quantities and declared values__0.045 Quantities and declared values___0.055 Quantities and declared values____0.069 Quantities and declared values_____0.104 Quantities and declared values______0.153
CharacteristicThermal behaviour SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared valuesThe thickness of the insulating layer has to be correctly dimensioned so that the faced side is exposed to a maximum of 100 °C.
From 150 °C on the binder starts to volatilise.
StandardAGI Q 132
* Dimensions on request, products with minimum order quantities are requested.


U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
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U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1
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U SeaProtect Wired Mat 36 Alu1