U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine

Marine & Offshore Insulation
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ULTIMATE mineral wool provides a unique high-performance profile:
It combines safety, comfort and ease of handling.

Technische Eigenschappen

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Specific thermal capacity Symbolc UnitkJ/(kg·K) Quantities and declared values1.00 Standard-
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesNon combustible Euroclass A1L Non-combustible according to IMO-Resolution MSC.61(67) Homologated for shipbuilding EC Type Examinate Certificate Nº114.498 Melting point ≥ 1000°C. StandardEN 13501 IMO DIN 4102-17
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesAS-Quality Hydrophobic Sulphide-free Free of corrosion supportive material Silicone-free on request StandardAGI Q 132
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProduct for use in technical applications, for simple and timesaving insulation of pipes of all kinds especially for heating and industrial water lines, distant heating systems as well as pipe lines in construction of power plants and chemical plants Standard-
Material Quantities and declared valuesMineral wool with quality mark RAL by the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e. V., unrisky regarding health according to German decree on dangerous substances, decree on prohibition of chemicals and to guideline EU 97/69 Nota Q.
Miscellaneous Quantities and declared valuesInsulating material identification number: EnEV Certificate, registration number 6V099 for both, with and without facing CE-marking designation code: MW-EN14303-T8-ST(+)660-WS1-CL10 (outside pipe diameter ≤ 150 mm) MW-EN14303-T9-ST(+)660-WS1-CL10 (outside pipe diameter > 150 mm)
Quality management Quantities and declared valuesInsulating material for HVAC and industrial systems according to AGI Q 132 Quality control according to VDI 2055 ISOVER is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 StandardAGI Q 132 VDI 2055 EN ISO 9001 EN ISO 14001

Themische Geleidbaarheid

Characteristic Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
CharacteristicThermal conductivity SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared values40 Quantities and declared values_50 Quantities and declared values__100 Quantities and declared values___150 Quantities and declared values____200 Quantities and declared values_____250 Quantities and declared values______300 Quantities and declared values_______- StandardEN 8497
SymbolλN,R Unit[W/(m•K)] Quantities and declared values0.035 Quantities and declared values_0.037 Quantities and declared values__0.043 Quantities and declared values___0.052 Quantities and declared values____0.062 Quantities and declared values_____0.074 Quantities and declared values______0.092
CharacteristicThermal behaviour Symbol- Unit[°C] Quantities and declared valuesMaximum service temperature: Tmax = 660°C under 500Pa 
From 150 °C on the binder begins to volatilise
StandardAGI Q 132
The information refers to linear meters / pack.
All dimensions require minimum order quantities / pipe section with slit on one side, length 1,200 mm / other dimensions on request.


U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine
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U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 - Marine